England’s Real Life Version of the 2009 Movie Up!

England’s Real Life Version of the 2009 Movie Up!

England’s Real Life Version of the 2009 Movie Up!

There are no sky scrapers or big cities built up along the M62 between Greater Manchester and Leeds. However this little farm house in the middle of the motorway always reminds me of the 2009 movie Up!

The little farm house is surrounded by 3 lanes of traffic on each side.  The roaring traffic moves 70 miles per hour and sometimes faster for speeders. I’ve often wondered how noisy it would be to live there and How difficult it would be to get around.  Also I've wondered how the sheep have coped with cars and trucks zipping by as they feed in the fields. The motor way was built through the Moss Moors and around the Scott Hall Farm in the 1960’s.

Story Behind England's Real Life Version of Up!

The are many stories and rumors that have been spread about why this little farm house is sat in the middle of the motorway. Legend has it that the owner, Ken Wild was a cantankerous stubborn man who refused to move or sell his land.  Thus, forcing construction of the motorway around them. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the truth behind this real-life version of the Up movie is due to geological fault that lies beneath the farm house. It would prove to be too costly and difficult to blast away the rock underneath the farm house. The engineers saw construction as impractical and decided to build around the house.

The owners of this farm house where happy to be able to stay in their home and it is still an operational farm to this day!

England’s Real Life Version of the 2009 Movie Up!

Would you live here? I think it would be interesting, but find it might be difficult to get in and out of the property even though there is a road through the underpass.  I also wonder how many cars land on the property in the winter from icy roads?  

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England’s Real Life Version of the 2009 Movie Up!
England’s Real Life Version of the 2009 Movie Up!

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  1. Reply

    Haha I can’t even imagine seeing a little house like that around all the highways! I imagine my parents refusing to sell their house in the middle of the country if they were trying to build a highway too. This would be them!

  2. There used to be a little house like that in Salt Lake City Utah. This huge department store bought out the whole block. But Bill, the guy who owned the house was a stubborn old bastard who like his house so he refused to sell. People are rooted to place that the owners of your farmhouse probably wanted to just stay put

      • durhamslovelifetravel
      • November 7, 2016

      I know if you have generations or years of raising a family it seem inconceivable to move I guess? My grandparents were compensated when the highway and railroad put lines through their property but it was far enough away from the house at least!

  3. I wonder if he was compensated for the inconvenience of having all that around him! I probably would have put up a fight because it has to affect his farm, the animals, the vegetation to grow or feed the animals. Forget the noise the pollution alone would affect his farm and its environment. Thus since it would affect his farm the effect on his income would be devastating, unless he is annually compensated.
    Just my 2 cents!

      • durhamslovelifetravel
      • November 7, 2016

      I wonder, I would hate to live there 🙂

  4. Reply

    I’m sure once upon a time it was a lovely place to live! I’m used to living in big cities with a lot of traffic but even so, I couldn’t live in the middle of a motorway 🙂

  5. A house amidst the chaos of traffic.It seems that everything turned out to be in favor of the home owner and kept him happy.After all that’s what matters.Happiness.

  6. Reply

    He he. Great post. I also seen the white farm building. Many moons ago but this brings back some memories 😀

  7. Reply

    I have to admit, I really don’t fancy living there! I guess if you are settled though?

  8. Reply

    Haha that story does sound like a movie plot! Its always interesting reading things like this, something a little different and a nice story

  9. Reply

    Interesting to learn about the myths and facts around that sweet little farm house! Now you’re reminding me that I still need to see the movie “Up.” People love it, I know, but it hasn’t made its way to my screen, yet!

    • Vicki Louise
    • November 6, 2016

    I used to live not too far away from the house and know it well. I loved the story of the cantankerous old man refusing to sell his land – and even though you’ve now told me it’s false, I think it has a better ring to it that geological problems with the land!

  10. That is so strange and interesting! I would love to check this place out. I don’t know if I could handle the traffic noise if I lived there however. How strange to live on a farm surrounded by 18-wheelers zipping by and engine braking! lol. Very interesting! 🙂

      • durhamslovelifetravel
      • November 7, 2016

      It would be strange to me, I think I ‘d hate it! they must have a good sense of humor over living there!

  11. Reply

    Haha! That is a lot like Up! I wonder if they have any plans involving balloons….

    • Jasmin N
    • November 6, 2016

    This is so amazing! What a wonderful looking place 🙂

    • Mimi
    • November 6, 2016

    I don’t remember much of that movie! Not sure I would love to live there though. Too much of a city girl!

    • Nya
    • November 6, 2016

    That is like UP! Haha, This is quite amazing and inspiring, even though I couldn’t imagine myself living there. I’m pretty much a city girl I guess.

  12. Reply

    Peculiar indeed. I’m a city boy, but if I were to live out in the countryside, I’d prefer it not to be next to a major freeway. :p

  13. Reply

    Wow!! Great post, amazing pictures! Very interesting article! Thanks for posting!

  14. Reply

    This looks beautiful! Had no idea that Up was based on a real place 🙂

  15. Gosh that would be so noisy! Reminds me of the Australian classic movie “The Castle” – have you seen it? I can’t remember much of the movie Up but when you talk about landowner fighting to remain in their home, it sounds a lot like The Castle! It’s a cult classic & so many brilliant one-liners.

  16. Reply

    Such an interesting farm. I personally am a city girl so living there might not be the bect option but it is definitely interesting to visit.

  17. Reply

    What a unique find! I’ve travelled that road many times and never noticed! I definitely would not want to live there!

  18. Reply

    How interesting! I love how you dub this the real-life UP movie! I think I wouldn’t stay in the farm if motorways were built around me. Too noisy!

    • Lala
    • November 7, 2016

    Gosh how strange it would be to be surrounded by a motorway on either side! It would certainly never be dull.

  19. Reply

    It looks neat but no, I don’t think I could live there… Too remote, I’d go crazy! What about you?

    • Laveena Sengar
    • November 7, 2016

    I can imagine this place in the time back then. I am sure it must have been a beautiful place. People like to keep their generation souvenir.

    • Jem
    • November 7, 2016

    That’s odd. Well maybe that spot has a special meaning to the owners. I’m sure they are already used to the sound of speeding cars.

  20. Reply

    I haven’t watched the movie up yet. But now I will. Interesting story. Yeah I wonder as well how often do people get stranded there or go by. I like the farm just because it’s different and outside of the box.

  21. Reply

    Oh the nightmare of trying to get on the road from that house! I couldn’t think of anything worse haha!

  22. Reply

    I haven’t seen that movie but there are plenty of farmhouses in the middle of nowhere in Australia. I guess it’s not as common in the UK, where there’s less land.

  23. How interesting! Never knew about this. Thanks for sharing and happy travels 🙂

    • Blair villanueva
    • November 16, 2016

    I’ve seen the UP movie many times, and as usual, it doesn’t disappoint me but it always gives me tears, hahaha

    it would be nice to have your house here.. but if alone.. would it be safe on lightnings? Open wide areas are always target, right?

  24. Reply

    I think it will feel strange but what’s life without some peculiarity? Interesting post!

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