Historical Stillwater Minnesota – Voted one of the prettiest towns in America by Forbes

Stillwater Minnesota

Historical Stillwater Minnesota –

Voted one of the prettiest towns in America by Forbes

Stillwater Minnesota may have been voted as one of Americas prettiest town by Forbes Magazine, but to us Native Minnesotans Historical Stillwater Minnesota is the ultimate weekend getaway! It’s also the location of the 2016-17 Ice Castle!

There is so much to do in Stillwater Minnesota. This quaint little town sits on the St. Croix River Valley that boarders Hudson Wisconsin and Minnesota. Just minutes away from St. Paul and Minneapolis, Stillwater is considered part of Twin Cities metro. It’s the perfect place for a day trip or weekend getaway and literally has something that will peak everyone’s fancy!

Historic Stillwater

Even though Stillwater is not the oldest city in Minnesota, it is considered the birthplace of Minnesota. The territorial convention declaring Minnesota a state in 1858 was held in Stillwater. Settlers started coming to Stillwater dating back to 1837. They were drawn by the forest and abundance of lumber that could be transported via the St. Croix. It dates back 10 years before Minneapolis became a City, which is why Stillwater holds such historic value in this state.

Historic Stillwater Minnesota is known for its charm and beautiful scenery. It’s also an antique collector’s paradise with dozens of shops full of yesteryears treasures. My favorite of course is the Pubs. You won’t fall short on places to eat and drink the night away in Stillwater. They are known for some of the best summer nightlife in the state. If you’re an outdoor adventurist, this is the perfect location for kayaking, hiking, biking, and just about anything you can think of.

Things to do in Stillwater are endless, they are perfect for a romantic weekend away, family days, solo trips, girls weekends and more.

Places to stay 

There are several places to stay surrounding Stillwater but to get that old-world charm in the heart of the town is Water Street Inn. The Water street Inn overlooks the St. Croix. The hotel is redesigned from the original bank of Stillwater and every room is unique.

Rivertown inn – Another oldy worldly charming place to stay just 10 minutes’ walk from the center of town

What to do while you’re there

1.  Trolley tours with Stillwater Trolley Company

Stillwater Minnesota

2.  Riverboat cruise tours with St. Croix Boat & Packet Co.

Stillwater Minnesota

3.  Walking tours with Foodies on Foot

4.  Romantic gondola tour with Gondola romantic

5.  Brewery tours with the lift bridge brewing company or my favorite Joseph Wold Brewery Cave Tours and Maple Island Brewery

Stillwater Minnesota

6.  Antique, specialty and unique boutiques to shop till your hearts content

Stillwater Minnesota

7.  Wine Tasting at St. Croix Vineyards or Northern Vineyards and Winery

8.  Family fun at Teddy Bear Park

Stillwater Minnesota

9.  Walk, bike or hike at Brown’s Creek Trail for beautiful scenery or camp at Pine Point Regional Park with Gateway Trail access to Brown’s Creek

10.  History tours at Washington County Historic Courthouse and Wardens House Museum

11.  Enjoy a Spa day at Just for Me Spa or Brick Alley Studio of Message and Bodywork

12.  Unique Dinner Experience with The Murder Mystery Company or fine dining on the Zephyr Dinner Train

Stillwater Minnesota
Stillwater Minnesota
Stillwater Minnesota
Stillwater Minnesota

Stillwater really is a unique little town with all the charm of old world meets new world. You will find endless things to do beyond some of the activists already listed. There is a tremendous abundance of choices for Dining, grabbing a glass of wine, or boozing the night away and you don’t have to walk far.

Planning a Trip to Minnesota? Be sure to put Stillwater on your Radar, you won’t be disappointed!

Stillwater Minnesota
Stillwater Minnesota
Stillwater Minnesota
Stillwater Minnesota

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  1. Reply

    The teddy bear park looks fun. But I think I would like to go on the murder mystery tour the most
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…#GiveABook This Christmas with ScholasticMy Profile

  2. I like the idea of Unique Dinner Experience the murder mystery in particular. Also, the Walking tours with Foodies on Foot – I am a foodie! R

    • Emily
    • December 14, 2016

    OK with a park filled with Teddy Bears, Minnesota wins the title of prettiest US town bear hands down! 🙂

  3. Reply

    Oh wow, Stillwater Minnesota really is quite charming! I absolutely must see that adorable Teddy Bear park!

  4. Reply

    ‘Murder mystery company’ is such a fascinating name! Do they take you along solving fake murder mysteries?

      • durhamslovelifetravel
      • December 16, 2016

      it a dinner and at the table you play a character, it’s a lot like playing the game clue and having to figure out who the murderer is. quite fun, I have done a few of them.

    • Leah
    • December 16, 2016

    I’ve never heard of this town, but it definitely seems like somewhere I’d like to visit in the future! I’d love to do the boat ride. I also like the idea of a dinner murder mystery, that’s so fun!

  5. Reply

    I had never heard about Stillwater previously but this definitely makes me want to stop by if we ever RV through Minnesota. Thanks!

    • Vicki Louise
    • December 17, 2016

    You had me at a park filled with teddy bears! How cute! It really is a good looking town, and you can totally understand why Fprbes voted it ones of the prettiest in the USA!

  6. Reply

    Oh what a cute place! I didn’t know anything about Minnesota! I love that teddy bear park how adorable!

    • Jean
    • December 17, 2016

    I’d never considered visiting Stillwater. It was nice reading about the history that happened here. And seeing the super cute statues

    • Naomi
    • December 17, 2016

    I love a bit of history so this seems like a fun place! I love the Teddy Bear park. Looks so cute!

  7. The Joseph Wold Brewery Cave would definitely be my first stop, it looks like a castle in the forest. Did not know there are so many interesting things to do in Minnesota. The river boat and gondola tour seem romantic. 🙂

  8. The Joseph World Brewery Cave would definitely be my first stop, it looks like a castle in the forest. Did not know there are so many interesting things to do in Minnesota. The river boat and gondola tour seem romantic. 🙂

      • durhamslovelifetravel
      • December 17, 2016

      The Brewery Cave is a lot of fun, loved it! My Jimmy is from England and it does have that Castle look which he pointed out to me. I never really noticed because I grew up going there on weekends. 🙂

  9. Reply

    I love blogs because every week I discover new places! The teddy bear park looks great, I can imagine myself strolling around with kids in a few years.

  10. Reply

    It surely looks pretty! What a great set of things to see and do in. Would definitely love to visit!
    Hugo Cura recently posted…The pyramids of Egypt: Giza, Saqqara, and DahshurMy Profile

  11. Reply

    You are right- Stillwater is a very pretty town. Teddy bear sculpture is really lovely, I’d love to take photo with it!

    • Laura
    • December 18, 2016

    This place is so cute! It looks like a film set haha. Kinda surreal! I’ve never heard of Stillwater so thank you for sharing!

  12. Reply

    It looks utterly charming. I know I’d be trying the local wine – I always enjoy places where there is some kind of wine tasting.
    Fiona Maclean recently posted…Hamburg – Part IIMy Profile

    • sumti
    • December 18, 2016

    Its very pretty town. I did not understand the dining experience at Murder mystery. Can you give some more info on the same.

      • durhamslovelifetravel
      • December 18, 2016

      Yes basically it’s a five course meal and each person at the table plays a character kind of like the game of clue and at the end of the dinner you have to guess who the murderer is. It’s actually a really fun night out.

  13. This town is absolutely adorable! This is what I imagine the perfect US town to look like. And that Teddy Bear park is my dream come true 🙂 A place for my inner child to roam free 😉

  14. Reply

    I can see why it was voted as one of the prettiest towns!! I never thought to visit but I may have to soon!
    Christine recently posted…FAIRYTALE CASTLES IN SINTRA PORTUGALMy Profile

  15. Reply

    I love to find these charming little towns I’ve not yet heard of. Sometimes it’s nice to have a smaller place to explore outside a major metro area. If it has breweries, wine tasting AND a teddy bear park, then I’m sold. Seriously, I love teddy bears.
    Laura Lynch recently posted…The Perfect 7-Day Costa Brava ItineraryMy Profile

  16. Reply

    What a cute town! I love that statue of Humpty Dumpty. I definitely can see why Stillwater was voted one of the US’ prettiest towns.
    Jennifer recently posted…The Wine Lover’s Guide to ParisMy Profile

    • Carmy
    • December 19, 2016

    The Teddy Bear Park sounds super cute! I’d totally visit that! It looks like such a charming little spot – I’d love to stop by one day!
    Carmy recently posted…Parmesan Potato Stacks (With a Spiralizer)My Profile

  17. Reply

    I was in Minnesota this summer and visited the small towns of Owatonna, Faribault, and Northfield. I would love to go back and visit Stillwater. It sounds charming!
    Lara Dunning recently posted…Easy Holiday Pimento Cheese SpreadMy Profile

  18. Reply

    When I imagine this part of America I think of the big riverboats. I would love to take a cruise on one. Looking forward to discovering this part of the States one day

    • blair villanueva
    • December 19, 2016

    When I saw the Teddy Bear Park photo, I thought it was in Korea. Indeed, Minnesota deserves to be in the list.

    • Neni
    • December 19, 2016

    This town seems so quirky and full of charme. All the small details and the cute teddy bear, oh my! It seems like a real life adventure.
    Thanks for adding all the interesting activities.

  19. Reply

    What a cute town! This is definitely the kind of town I would stop by just to wander and relax! 🙂

  20. Reply

    Silverwater looks like a charming little town, perfect to visit if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway. I like that it’s surrounded by nature and that you have hiking or vineyards options for visiting too.
    Joanna recently posted…A foodie experience through Malta’s exciting cuisineMy Profile

  21. Reply

    Very pretty on a lovely warm day with blue skies! Not heard of the place so it’s great to read.

  22. Reply

    Stillwater looks like the perfect weekend getaway! It certainly has a lot to do, and it looks so charming! I think my favorite thing to do would be to visit the teddy bear park. Buddy would love to take photos there! lol
    Vicky and Buddy recently posted…Happy Birthday BuddyMy Profile

  23. Reply

    Your pictures are a proof of that! I think I will do the walking tour and the gondola tour. Both promise very good sights!

      • durhamslovelifetravel
      • December 19, 2016

      Thank you Indrani

  24. No wonder Minnesota is voted as one of America’s prettiest towns! That Teddy Bear Park is adorable! And I would love to experience the Dinner with the Murder Mystery Company! I think if Iive in this town, I wouldn’t run out of things to do and places to go to. Such a cute and fun place to be!

  25. Reply

    What an adorable town! I’d love to visit… and I’ve always wanted to do a murder mystery dinner!!!! 🙂 FUN!

    • Anju
    • December 19, 2016

    Never knew there was so much to do at Minnesota! Teddy bear park looks so cute! Would love to try the riverboat cruise too!

  26. Reply

    I’ve never actually thought about visiting Stillwater or really Minnesota! It looks like such a lovely town, and that trolley tour sounds fun!

  27. Stillwater is such a charming small town. I went on a tour there during TBEX, and I’d love to go back to see more of what you mentioned in this post. We did the trolley tour that you mentioned, and that was a great way to see a lot of the town.
    Erin Klema | The Epicurean Traveler recently posted…Six Reasons To Stay In Roseville When Visiting The Twin CitiesMy Profile

  28. Reply

    I didn’t know that Stillwater Minnesota has so many amazing things to explore! I’d love to explore History tours at Washington County Historic Courthouse and Wardens House Museum!
    Ana Ojha recently posted…How To Stay Fit While You Travel This Holiday Season?My Profile

  29. Reply

    And I can totally see why it was voted as one of the prettiest towns of US. So many quirky and cute places to explore!! 😀

  30. Reply

    Aw this place looks adorable! I love how there’s a teddy bear park!

  31. Reply

    Considering I have never heard of this city before, it has sooooo much stuff to do. And not just regular boring stuff either. I have been wanting to explore more of the US since there is so much to see here so this will definitely be on my list!! Thanks 😉 ps. The Teddy Bear park looks so adorable.

    • Ami
    • December 21, 2016

    It does look like a very pretty town with enough to do. I would not mind doing some cycle tours here – if they are available. Best way to discover the place. The trolley tour does sound good.
    Ami recently posted…Why is it a pleasure to visit Mauritius?My Profile

  32. Reply

    Would be so much fun doing walking tours and gondola rides in Minnesota. Looks like a gorgeous town with so much beauty and charm.

  33. Reply

    A rather charming town no wonder it is a popular getaway. Love the Teddy Bear Park and the Murder Dinner Experience. You have some fantastic images.

    • Anne
    • December 21, 2016

    I haven’t been to Stillwater yet but it has been on my bucket list for ages! From your gorgeous pictures, it seems so calm and picturesque. And a riverboat cruise tour seems so cute!

    • Megan
    • December 24, 2016

    I’ve only visited the Twin Cities before and it would be great to have a chance to explore more of Minnesota. Looks like Stillwater really is a beautiful place. I’d love to hop on on boat or take a food tour.

    • Kate
    • December 24, 2016

    I’m still just getting into exploring different states of the USA. I haven’t been to Minnesota yet but it will go on my list now. Historic Stillwater looks great and I’d love to do a trolley tour or dinner on the Zephyr train. Wine tasting could also be a lot of fun! Thanks for a great recommendation

  34. Reply

    This is a very informative post. I love #9 I like being with nature and wanted to see the beautiful scenery of this place.

  35. Reply

    Minnesota looks beautiful. I love the sound of all the boutique shops. Jo x

  36. Reply

    What a beautiful place to visit, everything looks so picturesque.

  37. Reply

    Oh wow what a beautiful little town, I would love to visit myself and I am so not surprised it was voted one of the prettiest towns. That humpty dumpty is so cute as well. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Bird Health: How to Treat and Look After an Injured Bird at HomeMy Profile

  38. Reply

    Looks beautiful, would love to visit one day.

  39. Reply

    Looks beautiful, would love to visit one day.

    • terri
    • December 30, 2016

    Such a beautiful town, reminds me of Naperville, Il. where I lived for the past year. lots of great restaurants, shops and parks
    terri recently posted…3 Swaps That Can Help You Start Living A Zero Waste LifestyleMy Profile

  40. Reply

    I’m going to USA again next year. Love this inspiration. A gondola tour sounds lovely. I never knew a Teddy Bear park existed. So awesome. I love it. It looks like there’s so much to do. I would love to visit this place.
    Carola recently posted…2016: Actors we’ve met!My Profile

  41. Reply

    It looks beautiful, I’d love to do the trolley tour!

    • Hra
    • December 30, 2016

    Adorable and beautiful town :-0 I love it and you have awesome photos as always 🙂

    • Emma
    • December 30, 2016

    Wow this place looks so lovely. I love the idea of the Riverboat cruise tours x

  42. Reply

    I have no idea why but Stillwater kind of reminds me of Shrek ; it has the same fairytale like quality. Super pretty xxx
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…I Like To Spend Money FT. TrendeoMy Profile

    • Agata
    • December 30, 2016

    It sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I hope to see it one day soon.
    Agata recently posted…12 Delicious Winter SaladsMy Profile

  43. Reply

    That Humpty Dumpty’s statue alone definitely has my attention — lol!
    And it sure looks like a quiet and peaceful place, definitely my kind of state to live in 🙂

  44. Reply

    I love reading on places I’ve never been let alone heard of! So many places to explore out there right in the US!

    • Jessica McDonnell
    • December 30, 2016

    This place looks lovely, I wouldn’t have thought it was in America from first look at the photos.

      • durhamslovelifetravel
      • December 30, 2016

      I know, it just charming, my favorite place.
      I brought my fiance there and he said reminds him of home in England …

  45. Reply

    Looks like a very nice historical place to visit, I must visit one day
    melissa major recently posted…NYX Brow Pomade | ReviewMy Profile

  46. Reply

    Had never heard of this place before, but it does look pretty!
    Lavender Life recently posted…Must-haves for a year full of self-loveMy Profile

  47. Reply

    What a cute little town, very charming. I’ll have to put it on my list of places to travel to.
    Chrissy recently posted…Color Therapy from Sally HansenMy Profile

    • Chloe
    • December 30, 2016

    This looks like a little town out of a fairytale! I’d love to go and spend a weekend here!

  48. Reply

    This does look like a lovely town. I’ve never been but I would like to!
    Amber Myers recently posted…The Holiday Magic Festival Of Lights In Selma, TexasMy Profile

  49. Reply

    Stillwater is just so pretty. It does look like a great venue for a weekend getaway. The decorations and statues are very cute. And we’d love to take some romantic gondola rides.
    The Travel Ninjas recently posted…A Look at the Quaint & Quirky Waterfalls of DalatMy Profile

  50. Reply

    what a cute town! could be some instagram fun with humpty dumpty AND the teddy bear museum!

    • Jenni Petrey
    • December 31, 2016

    It sounds like a wonderful place to visit. The teddy park sounds interesting and my children would love to see the Humpty statue!

  51. Reply

    It sounds like a cute little town. But did you say antique shops??? Oh yes, that’s right up my alley.

      • durhamslovelifetravel
      • December 31, 2016

      Yes, Tons of them, I just love this little town.

    • Chelsea
    • December 31, 2016

    Totally have been here! I live in Wisconsin and went to school at UW La crosse! One of my friends was from Stillwater.

    • Eliza
    • December 31, 2016

    Wow, it sounds and looks like an amazing town to visit. I’d be delighted to see it one day! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

    • Mary
    • December 31, 2016

    What an adorable town. I want to go just to visit Teddy Bear Park! If I’m ever nearby I will be sure to stop and take a look around.

    • Alexa
    • December 31, 2016

    This does look like a gorgeous place! I have never been to Minnesota but now I know what to look forward to!

    • hannah
    • December 31, 2016

    I’ve never been to this part of America, it looks like an awesome place to visit

  52. Reply

    This was such a great article with many interesting things to see.

  53. Reply

    This post made me to put Stillwater on my bucket list. I have never heard of it before.
    And to stay in the Water street Inn is a must for me, since I love the old-world charm.
    Milijana recently posted…Bled: Slovenian Fairytale LakeMy Profile

  54. Reply

    Lovely post! Looks like a very nice place to visit 🙂

  55. Reply

    This looks like a. It’s little town. They have two of my favorite things… breweries and wine.

  56. Reply

    What a lovely little town. I’d never heard of Stillwater before but I’d love a nice trolley ride and some of those brewery tours, aside from just walking around for a bit. Great post!

  57. Reply

    What a fun and charming little town. I’m love antique stores

  58. Reply

    Wow this looks beautiful! What stunning blue skies too.

  59. Reply

    Stillwater…..has got a nice ring to it. I can see why it is pretty. A peaceful laid back town from the pics.
    Gokul Raj recently posted…INDIAN DIARIES : THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY – 2My Profile

  60. Reply

    What a lovely town! I’d love to go on a riverboat cruise tour!
    Sondra Barker recently posted…The Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal Box DIY IdeasMy Profile

  61. Reply

    What a gorgeous place – I’d love to go and visit! x

  62. Reply

    I work with a lot of people from Minnesota and I always ear great things about it. I love the locations you listed and Teddy Bear Park would be fun. I can see myself visiting Minnesota with my hubby and little one in the summer. Loving all your pictures/.

  63. Thanks for the tour! Such a cute town! 🙂

  64. Reply

    So nice city with many place to explore. I like Teddy bear park!
    A .J.A recently posted…20 Top New Year’s Eve Outfit IdeasMy Profile

    • Laura
    • January 1, 2017

    This looks like such a cute and fun town! I love the Humptey Dumptey statue so much! I will be adding this to my travel list, this sounds fun, and I’m so glad you shared!

  65. Reply

    oh wow, this town does look stunning! I have never been to Minnesota, but it looks like I should remedy that. A perfect vacation spot to get away from it all, for once. Thank you for sharing, blessings!

  66. Reply

    This town looks so welcoming and warm (: I can see why it was placed on the Forbes list. I would want to check it out during the summer !

    Isaly Holland

    • Elizabeth O.
    • January 2, 2017

    I would love to go here! There’s nothing like going to a place with such a rich history! I think it’s awesome to take the kids as well. It would be a nice learning experience for the whole family.

    • Anne
    • January 2, 2017

    Wow! Sounds like an amazing town. The teddy bear looks so cute.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Anne recently posted…There Were Selfies and Then Came Moonlight Selfies With Vivo V5My Profile

  67. Reply

    It looks like a really nice place, nice photos too xo

    Ivana J recently posted…BEST LOOKS OF 2016My Profile

    • Rachel
    • January 2, 2017

    It looks like such a beautiful and charming place, lovely photos xo

  68. Reply

    Looks like a fun, cute little town!! Glad you had fun 🙂

  69. Reply

    After seeing your pictures, I’m not at all surprised it was voted the prettiest town! Stillwater is lovely, and while the riverboat cruise and the trolley ride sound fun, Teddy Bear Park? I would totally go there and probably hug that huge teddy! Yes, I am three at heart 😀

    • Chrysoula
    • January 2, 2017

    Stillwater looks like a great place to spend a weekend with so many interesting things to do. I would love to do a brewery tour there.

  70. Reply

    So cute and boutique little town. Never knew about it. Will surely visit there. Thanks for sharing!!

    • blair villanueva
    • January 3, 2017

    Definitelyba great place to hangout with your beau for a weekend and enjoy the life outside the buzz of the city 🙂 I love it!

    • Kira
    • January 3, 2017

    This has really made me want to visit Stillwater! Not yet been anywhere in the USA but I’d love to visit here, so much to do!
    Kira recently posted…January GoalsMy Profile

    • Colleen Wool
    • January 3, 2017

    The pictures are beautiful. i want to visit!

  71. Reply

    Wow voted as the prettiest town. No wonder, your photos says it all. I would love to visit this place someday. Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan | http://www.mommyrockininstyle.com
    mhaan a recently posted…My First Ever Starbucks Planner + Reasons Why You Should Have OneMy Profile

    • Oindrila
    • January 4, 2017

    This is such a cute and amazing town. Must be super fun to roam around. 😀 I wish I can visit once. 🙂

    • Hra
    • January 13, 2017

    I’ve never heard of this town, but I would love to visit this place someday. Thanks for sharing with us, your photos are awesome!!

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