What Do We Do With Our Photos? Inspired by Art Collection One!

photo inspired art paintings collection

What Do We Do With Our Travel Photos? Photo inspired art paintings collection!

So what do we do with our photos? We turn them into art! Photo inspired art paintings collection,  is a collection of our personal paintings taken from the photo’s we’ve clicked! Why throw all your photos into a box or album that you’ll most likely never look at! Instead take your favorite photos and turn them into art!

Get inspired! 8 paintings done by Jimmy and Tina

Our Personal Art Gallery 2015-2016
Our Personal Art Gallery 2015-2016
country side painting

Country Side

Flower Painting

Flowers on a Chair overlooking the Ocean

Morning Tea

our house
another house

Of our photo inspired art paintings collection, which one is your  favorite?

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    • candy
    • November 22, 2016

    I like them all, but my favorite is with the simple flowers in a vase sitting on a chair.
    candy recently posted…Blogging Grandmothers Link Party #4My Profile

  1. Reply

    That’s a really neat idea! I’ve never tried anything like that but it could be fun.
    Gessell recently posted…Zwarte Piet: Modern Day Racism or Harmless Fun?My Profile

  2. Reply

    Such beautiful pics. Love them all.
    Aish Das-Padihari recently posted…Nutella-Marshmallow Hot CocoaMy Profile

  3. Reply

    Thats such a clever idea!


  4. Reply

    What a fun idea!

  5. Reply

    Great idea! Awesome as a gift as well for any occasion! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Will definitely give it a go 🙂
    Katrina Jean Carter recently posted…Favorite 5: Push-up VariationsMy Profile

  6. Reply

    These are great! What a fun idea!

  7. Reply

    These are all wonderful! I like the one with the open book since I love to read.
    Amber Myers recently posted…How To Keep It Together During The HolidaysMy Profile

    • Elizabeth O.
    • November 23, 2016

    What a brilliant idea, especially if you travel a lot! These are lovely, who wouldn’t want them on their wall!

    • dogvills
    • November 23, 2016

    I love all the photos.. Very creative, colorful and artistic.. It is nice to decorate it in the living room..

  8. Reply

    What a nice way to showcase all your travels! I never would have thought of turning my pictures into art! That’s awesome!
    Carol Cassara recently posted…See the starsMy Profile

  9. Reply

    This is a great way to share them, one I may have to look into myself

    • Jenni Petrey
    • November 23, 2016

    What a great idea, they all look lovely but I do love the yellow flowers. One of my favourite colours!

  10. Reply

    What a cool idea! I love this – – so creative, too!

  11. Reply

    These are beautiful pictures!!! I love how they turned out and would be a fun gift idea as well!

  12. Reply

    That’s a great idea! Clever! The paintings are beautiful!
    Sondra Barker recently posted…The San Diego Wine and Food Festival Will Have Your Mouth Watering for DaysMy Profile

  13. Reply

    What a great idea! I love all the photos, but my favorite is the street running through the small town. I think that painting is very inspiring.

  14. Reply

    Awesome idea. I could only wish that I had the talent to work with a brush and paints. I love how all these paintings turned out! Definitely a keepsake for future generations to appreciate.

  15. Reply

    I can also make my kids do their own painting interpretation of the travel pictures. Cool idea! Thanks!
    Kitchie recently posted…Around the world in minutes!My Profile

    • Sonya Kolodziejska
    • November 24, 2016

    I like them all, but if i had to choose one, it would be the tea and flowers one. 2 of my favourite things 🙂

  16. Reply

    What a creative idea of what to do with your photos — that is some beautiful memories all painted.

  17. Reply

    Oh wow, these are fab! I love the first one. x

    • Indrani
    • November 25, 2016

    This is a great idea!
    I liked the 4thone, flowers on chair.

  18. Reply

    Cool idea, a novel way of remembering where you have been on your travels that’s for sure
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…The Guest House Vienna, A Boutique Hotel With Special TouchesMy Profile

    • Zoe IKIWN
    • November 25, 2016

    This is such a great idea and a really nice way to relive old memories too. I like the one with the bright flowers the most. x

  19. Reply

    These are lovely art paintings. I love them all.

  20. Reply

    What a really good idea this is, not that I am in anyway arty, but such a brilliant idea!

  21. Reply

    This is such a sweet idea and all of these paintings are beautiful! x

    • Jess
    • November 26, 2016

    Aw what a lovely idea, I’m awful for just letting my photos sit in my phone or hard drive… These would make such fab gifts!
    Jess recently posted…Nails Inc ‘Lexington Street’My Profile

  22. Reply

    Such a great idea to turn your images into paintings, I love the flowers one x

  23. Reply

    Aw these are so pretty! I love the one with the flowers in the vase on the chair the most xxx
    WhatLauraLoves recently posted…The ULTIMATE Guide To The Black Friday Weekend Sales & Discount CodesMy Profile

  24. Reply

    I love the houses, they look so pretty and quirky too.
    fashion-mommy recently posted…Weird beauty practicesMy Profile

  25. Reply

    They all look very pretty! I like the ‘Morning Tea’ the most!

  26. Reply

    I really like the one with the house (the first one) I love the details of the flower bed. Cute idea.
    Dia Darling recently posted…9 Gift Ideas She Won’t Ask For But Will LoveMy Profile

  27. Reply

    What an interesting idea! There are some aps I’ve heard of that create something similar but there is nothing like creating it yourself…giving your memory another twist! Souvenirs of all sorts are such fun. I love taking photos and frame a few…but haven’t been creative otherwise. I’ve never painted, but….might give it a stab. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

    I write about traveling with the children and one of the things I’ve discovered is how valuable art is for children’s minds – for them to study art, look at art, experience art and….create art! This is something we need to try….creating canvas art from our own photographic art. The Christmas holidays are coming and we’ll have plenty of time to give this a try.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Reply

    Lovely pictures. But I personally loved the one with the simple flowers in a vase sitting on a chair

  29. Reply

    This is such a creative way to keep your memories alive. And you paint so well!
    Vicky and Buddy recently posted…A Visit To Space Center HoustonMy Profile

  30. Reply

    All are such a wonderful pictures and very original. The third one is mu favorite.
    Ance Antovska recently posted…10 Most Beautiful Women of 2016My Profile

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