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Travel Resources

Finding the right websites and tools for booking your travels is key to a smooth and pleasant trip, so with you in mind,  Jimmy and I put together some of our favourite travel resources. The content is tabbed, also keeping you in mind so that navigation of the information a little easier you! Some of the resources you may be familiar with and some may be new to you, but regardless it's important to have travel resources that you can trust with your information when booking.

Note: Because most websites now days’ caches and saves your information. So when your searching multiple sites for travel inquiries you can set your browsers too incognito or private. As a result, you can find the best deals while keeping your information private until you’re ready to book your trip. If your using Firefox, simply go to the file box in the far right hand corner and click on New Private Window. If your using Chrome, you can go to the file box in the top right hand corner and choose New Incognito Window

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I have to say what a great way to find out what attractions can be found in your travel destination.  These three sites have complete list and tickets available for tourist attractions and events.  The best part is purchasing you tickets ahead of time will save you money down the road!

365 Tickets

More great travel resources, I love 365 tickets.  They have over 1,000 visitor tickets for attractions worldwide.  Check out their site to see if they have any tourist attractions on your next adventure!

Attraction Tickets Direct

Tickets for tourist attractions globally


US and Canada travel.  This site has some fantastic travel resources for finding fantastic deals on tickets to the best attractions and events in hundreds of locations in the United States and Canada!

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Check Out Resources from Global Travelers!

Travel Essentials is packed full of travel tips, guides and resources to help you plan your next trip! Read more on 10 Free Apps I Can't Travel Without!

Additional Resources  - Find out where your missing camera is taking pics  -  Just about every guide to meet your daily needs!​

world factbook  -  Basic facts about every country around the world​

World Nomads Travel Insurance  - World wide travel insurance​  -  Up to date info on world health​

ChartsBin  -  World wide emergency telephone numbers​

quantum balancing  -  World electricity standards​

info please  -  Travel scams information​  -  Travel forum​

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